"My heart! 


I want to reach out to u from here to give u a big hug and to TRY to thank u enough for this portrait! I don't know where to start! I saw this on my way to work and had a rush of feelings that left me speechless! i love it. I love u. I love her and love how precious u made this moment. Anything u touch is magic. I would have felt very vulnerable giving this to anyone but u. you are so special to me, someone I trust, a true artist that sees beauty in all its forms, someone who genuinely believes in this project and puts heart in it. Would have never shared something this personal in someone else’s hands. But it felt right. I wanted the story to be heard to give hope for those experiencing the same. I am thankful for this journey and would do it all over again. I feel blessed! I needed this. I am thankful for this and I am forever changed because of this. 


Thank u for listening, thank u for translating this so delicately and preciously., Thank u for sharing it and thank u for creating such a platform! A safe and real place for a beautiful cause." -Dolly




"With much appreciation for the realness.
And thank you for leaving everything more beautiful than you found it" ~ Laura


"Dear Mariam,


I saw Adwait's half done face in my feed this morning and felt great joy. After sitting with it for a while, I feel like somehow there is an equal connection to be forged in joy and pain, in the love that springs between us as we walk our journeys together, witnessing the inevitable burns of Love's tempering. Thank you for all that you do. Wishing health and balance for you and yours. Lots of love"  -Arpita

"So sweet, real and sensitive" ~ Alia

ranwa yehia.jpg

"I want to thank you for your beautiful project. It feels beautiful how you have helped relive those times when you gave the picture a new form of life. Context.
So thank you so much for this" ~ Ranwa

"Awhile since I am feeling overwhelmed
by (motherhood) in general and single parenting in particular and yesterday was
my lowest... I woke up and decided to stay
in bed, scrolling thru random social media
to unwind and suddenly I found this story
u illustrated (beautifully as usual), it made
me remember how at the end of the day
we r all humans and we all have our battles that are destined for us. I turned to Younes, hugged him tightly and chose to continue surviving instead" ~ Nahla